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Top 10 Things To Do In Arnold, Missouri

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Top 10 Things To Do In Arnold, Missouri

As we embrace the new normal in 2021, visiting a local city is the closest thing to vacation these days. So, if you’re missing the outdoors and the fun of going to a new place, there are plenty of things to do in Arnold, Missouri that you can try with your family. 


As a proud member of the community, Meramec Family Dentistry in Arnold, MO will share the best spots and hidden gems in town. We selected the best locations that will showcase the perfect blend of city life and the suburban ambiance of our community.  


10 Fun things to do in Arnold, Missouri


Here are the top 10 activities that will give you ideas on how you can have a great time in Arnold with your family.


Fishing in Meramec river during the pandemic in Arnold, MO

Source: Older and Wiser 


1. Fish and grill at Meramec Greenway


If you are looking for a less crowded place during the pandemic, you can enjoy a peaceful fishing trip to Meramec Greenway. The best routes in the area for fishing are Meramec Landing Park and Greentree Park. There are also grills in Simpson Park that you can use to enjoy grilling your catch for the day. 


Rock Roll-O-Rena roller rink in Arnold, MO


2. Roller skate at Rock Roll-O-Rena


Enjoy roller skating with a twist by trying an indoor skating rink in Arnold. Rock Roll-O-Rena is an indoor roller skating rink with a well-maintained maple wood floor and skating classes for your kids. It’s the perfect venue to show off your roller skating tricks to your loved ones and pass on the legacy. 


Hot Shots Sports Bar and Grill in Arnold, MO


3. Talk about sports over good food at Hot Shots Sports Bar and Grill


Sports and music can bring like-minded people together. Enjoy a fun conversation over a glass of beer with some sports enthusiasts at Hot Shots Sports Bar and Grill. They also have some games facilities where you can play with your friends such as darts and billiards.  


Arnold Farmers Market in Arnold, MO


4. Get the freshest produce at Arnold Farmers Market


Enjoy buying fruits and vegetables fresh from the local farms of Arnold and St. Louis. Arnold Farmers Market hosts locally-grown produce, from vegetables to jars of freshly-picked honey. 


They are open every Saturday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Hours may vary due to COVID restrictions. Check out their Facebook page for more updates about their opening hours. 


Twisted Tavern in Arnold, MO


5. Eat your usual American dish with a twist at Twisted Tavern


Twisted Tavern is one of the newest hidden gems in Arnold and continues to gain popularity from the nearby communities. It is not the cheapest place to dine, but you will surely visit again once you try their delicious food selection. Make sure to join their waiting list before going there to reserve your seat. 


Top Gun Shooting Sports in Arnold, MO


6. Bring out your inner Mr & Mrs. Smith at Top Gun Shooting Sports


If you’re tired of the usual date nights, target shooting is a new experience to try with your loved ones. Top Gun Shooting offers shooting classes for beginners and exclusive memberships to those who want to practice their accuracy all year round. 


Add a twist to your target shooting practice and try to beat your partner’s scores by hitting all the targets. 


Fox Valley Center in Arnold, MO


7. Splurge at Fox Valley Center


If you’re into retail therapy or longing for a spa day, you will surely enjoy exploring Fox Valley Center. You can find different commercial establishments that almost have everything you need from a community, like hair salons, banks, fitness training centers, or good restaurants to grab some meals. 


Strawberry Creek Nature Area


8. Enjoy a quick hike at Strawberry Creek Park


Hiking the well-kept Strawberry Creek Park is another fun activity for nature lovers. It has short hiking trails perfect for beginners and has benches where you can admire the scenery. Make sure to bring some insect repellent or deet to keep the bugs from spoiling your hike.  


Tortellini at The Local House in Arnold, MO


9. Redefine the word ‘delicious’ with popular dishes of The Local House


The Local House is true to its name for being the local’s favorite. Visitors are also traveling to Arnold to taste their delicious meals. People keep coming back to this restaurant not only because of their great food but also for the quality of their service.


COVID-19 safety protocols are also well-observed inside the restaurant. They provide dine-in, outdoor dining, and takeaway services. 


Bee Tree County Park in Arnold, MO


10. Spend a lovely picnic with your loved ones at Bee Tree County Park


Cap off your day in Arnold with a relaxing picnic by the lake at Bee Tree County Park. It is one of the scenic areas in town and has been the venue of most weddings and other celebrations over the years. It has a historic mansion with a 10-acre lake and picnic grounds that you can explore during your stay. You may book a reservation here if you want to rent their facilities for your occasions.


Explore Arnold, Missouri


Discover the charms of another city this weekend and visit Arnold with your family. Either you’re a nature lover, foodie, or an athletic person, it has something to offer for everyone. May you enjoy your stay, and we hope to see you around town. 

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