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Resources in Arnold, MO

Arnold, MO, is the largest city in the north of Jefferson County with the closest proximity to St. Louis County. It only takes 25 minutes of travel from Arnold to St. Louis, which makes it a convenient location for those who are working and studying in the metropolitan area. Arnold has a suburb vibe but continues to grow as more residential complexes are sprouting in the area. 


Arnold tops the list for the best place to live in Jefferson County in 2021. Most of its residents enjoy the safe and close-knit community of the city. Meramec Family Dentistry is a top-rated dentist in Arnold, MO, and a proud member of its friendly community. As a tribute to its wonderful residents, we’d like to share some valuable resources in Arnold, MO.


Location and climate


Located in the southern part of St. Louis County, Arnold sits at the northernmost boundary of Jefferson County. The Meramec River runs between Arnold and Oakville that separates Jefferson and St. Louis County. It is also where the Mississippi River and Meramec river meets across Merrimac, Illinois.


The climate in Arnold is typically around 25°F to 89°F. The city experiences hot summers and chilly and long winters. The average weather is cloudy throughout the year. Muggy summers usually last from May to September, and the cold season is around November to February.


History and notable landmarks


Spanish and German settlers were the first community that occupied Arnold. The city used to be a concentration of six villages that took almost a century before it became a town in 1972. The Meramec River has been part of the long history of Arnold and played a significant role as a mode of transportation back in the day.


Aside from the scenic riverside of Meramec river, one of the notable landmarks in town is Telegraph Road. The road by the river was the main trail for Spanish settlers traveling to the other parts of Missouri. Eventually, the road became an essential trail for the development of the first telephone lines in Arnold. 


Population and community


Contrary to its size as a city, Arnold only has a population of 21,146. The majority of its residents own their properties. The residents are actively growing crops and vegetables and sell them during their weekly farmer’s market. The farmer’s market is a weekly anticipated event in Arnold where the community gets together. 


The community is conservative, and a majority of the residents are young professionals and senior citizens. Residents also have a great appreciation for the abundance and proximity of commercial businesses in the area. 


Education, workplace hub, and transportation


Arnold is home to one of the top-rated district schools in the region. Fox C-VI School District is the 4th best school district in Jefferson County in 2021. Thanks to the dedicated educators of the town, many students are participating in their engaging school activities. 


Places to work in Arnold are in a diverse range of industries. It is also a popular regional shopping destination due to its busy retail corridors along the stretch of MO 141 and Jeffco Blvd. Due to the abundance of commercial establishments in the city, most job opportunities are in the retail scene. Other industries, according to the Arnold Chamber of Commerce, are as follows:

  • Industrial 
  • Institutional
  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality 
  • Service-oriented businesses

Arnold is only a 30-minute drive to St. Louis Lambert International Airport. It has a bus service operated by OATS/JC Transit Service that serves 30 bus stops throughout the city. You may check the bus schedules here.


Cruising along Meramec river


Tourist attractions and top things to do in Arnold, MO


Arnold is a city sprinkled with nine city-owned parks. It is also surrounded by hiking trails and the serene view of the Meramec River and Mississippi River. 


Visitors have access to natural parks like Strawberry Creek Park and Meramec Greenway and still eat in modern eclectic restaurants such as The Local House. For the top things to do in Arnold, you can visit some of its popular recreational centers in town, like target shooting ranges, skating arenas, and kayak activities.


Arnold is a city with a perfect blend of the modernized commercial scene and suburb community vibe. It is close to the metropolitan area, which gives you access to the perks of the big city while enjoying the tranquil life in the suburbs


The top-notch education system and the abundance of job opportunities in the city are also worth checking out. If you are looking forward to moving to another location or looking for a strategic area to do business with, Arnold is worth being a part of your list. 


Our dental team is excited to welcome you to our humble community. When you visit Arnold, don’t forget to visit us so you can also discover the exceptional dental services that we can offer. See you around town!

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