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Tooth loss may occur due to trauma, gum disease, or tooth decay. Dental restorations such as complete dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges serve as replacement teeth to restore oral health. We offer partial dentures in Arnold, MO as an affordable tooth replacement option

A removable partial denture is designed based on the patient’s needs. It can replace one tooth or multiple teeth. This device restores the smile’s natural appearance and improves speech clarity and the ability to eat more efficiently.


Partial dentures are fabricated using both metal and acrylic materials or just acrylic materials. The device is individually designed based on the patient’s needs and anatomy. Every effort is made to create a self-cleansing denture that preserves the health of the remaining teeth and soft tissues.

Dr. Mandefro will design your properly fitting denture to evenly distribute the chewing forces over the remaining teeth. Changes to your natural teeth may be recommended to balance these forces.

Metal partial dentures are often preferred because they are structurally superior. The metal framework is thinner and more hygienic than acrylic. Acrylic materials may be used for transitional or temporary partials. Dr. Mandefro will help you determine the appropriate partial for your situation.


A removable partial denture may help keep your existing natural teeth from shifting. It also improves digestion by balancing the chewing surface so you can eat naturally. 

If you need to replace missing teeth, contact Meramec Family Dentistry. We offer a wide range of dental care services. Schedule a consultation today.

partial denture in Arnold MO
removable partial denture in Arnold MO
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