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Overcoming Fear of the Dentist: Tips for a Stress-Free Visit in Arnold, MO

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Fear of going to the dentist

Are you dealing with a fear of going to the dentist? Well, we want you to know that you’re not alone. Major anxiety hinders millions of Americans from seeking proper health care at the dentist, leading to gum disease, dental pain, and other oral health issues. You can overcome the fear of the dentist in Arnold, MO, by visiting a reliable dentist and getting some handy tips. If you’re dealing with a fear of the dentist, Dr. Azaryas Mandefro, our Arnold dentist, has put together a guide on tips to help you.

What Causes Dental Anxiety?

Firstly, what is dental anxiety? This is the fear, anxiety, or stress that is related to a dental setting. However, being scared to visit the dentist can cause you to delay or avoid dental treatment. Various things can trigger dental anxiety, like needles and drills, or simply passing by a dental center.

Now, what causes dental anxiety? The main cause of dental anxiety is a traumatic dental experience. Many people have had a traumatic experience at the dentist or heard horror stories about the dentist, especially when they were children. The result is a lifelong fear of going to the dentist. 

Another cause of dentophobia is the fear of pain. Even if most dental procedures are painless, people still assume they will be painful, especially when seeing the design or hearing the noise. Odontophobia can also be due to embarrassment, as people might feel self-conscious about the damage or decay on their teeth and the mouth odor. If you like being in control of situations, you might feel dental fear when in the chair.

Managing Anxiety at the Dentist

At Meramec Family Dentistry, we understand that overcoming dental anxiety is important for a smooth dental visit and procedure. We have provided several steps to take to address your fears. The fear of going to the dentist can be harmful in the long run, especially when your teeth or gums are damaged, or you have not been there in a long time. 

1. Address Pain

When looking at overcoming the fear of the dentist, one of the factors to consider is pain. There’s a common assumption that dental care is painful, and this thought alone leads to dental fear. But you should know that modern dental techniques are less invasive and gentler than they were in the past. Furthermore, our professional dentist in Arnold, Dr. Mandefro, will ensure that the treatment causes little to no pain. 

2. Communicate With the Dentist

Don’t keep your fears to yourself. If you’re scared of going to the dentist, you can schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss a better approach to your dental procedures. Certified dentists provide sedation dentistry to their patients, they provide you with a sedative, either a pill or nitrous oxide, to keep you calm, relaxed, and drowsy during the dental appointment. Your dentist will provide you with personalized care and you can feel free to ask lots of questions.

3. Practice Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness techniques are also essential when looking at how to overcome a fear of the dentist. Many people do stretches or deep, controlled breathing before their dental appointment. You can also deal with dentophobia by putting yourself in the correct mindset before the big day.

4. Distract Yourself

You can distract yourself when you’re feeling dentist anxiety in different ways. Listen to music to make yourself forget about the fear. You can ask the dentist to let you watch TV or listen to podcasts and audiobooks. There are also dental spas, which you can use to relax before or after your appointment. You can also distract yourself with a stress ball, a fidget spinner, and any other relaxing object.

5. Meditate

Another method of dealing with odontophobia is meditation. Many dentists recommend listening to a guided meditation before or during your treatment session. One effective form of meditation is breathing exercises and counting each breath. It is a powerful way to overcome dentist anxiety.

Other Options

There can be any reason for dental anxiety. However, you can use other methods to calm down when thinking about how to overcome your fear of the dentist. Consider bringing a friend or family member to support you or arrive early so you can relax, talk to the staff, and calm down before the treatment.

Don’t Put off Routine Checkups

Even when dealing with the fear of the dentist, you shouldn’t put off your routine dental checkups. Using any of these methods, you can lessen the feeling of dentist anxiety in time for your next session. Procrastinating your next checkup can lead to neglect of your dental health, which can eventually cause decay in your teeth and gums.

Reliable dentist in Arnold, MO

Find a Thoughtful Dentist in Arnold, MO

After answering the question “what is dental anxiety,” we believe that you can easily overcome the fear of the dentist in Arnold, MO. Those with dentophobia are advised to practice different mindfulness techniques to manage their anxiety and dental issues in the long run so as not to end up with decayed or damaged teeth and gums.  

Do you feel confident about your next dental appointment now? Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our reliable dentist. Allow us to keep you relaxed and calm while taking care of your oral health.

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