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Dr. Mandefro is proud to offer the latest treatment of periodontal disease: laser treatment. Laser treatment offers numerous advantages in treating gum tissue. Because healthy gums are essential to overall oral health, our dental office in Arnold, MO places a high priority on making sure our patients receive the best gum disease treatment available. 

Scaling and root planing are traditional and effective ways to treat gum disease, but laser therapy builds on and expands traditional treatment. With proper treatment, gum disease does not have to lead to tooth loss or a dwindling gum line. 

How exactly does laser therapy stack up against traditional laser therapy? 


The benefits of laser therapy are vast. There are, however, 3 key components that make laser therapy one of the best treatment options for gum disease. These include comfort, reduced risk of infection, and limited or removed anesthesia. We will look at each in greater depth below. 


Laser treatment offers little to no bleeding. This form of treatment also minimizes swelling and charring, and is delivered silently. Because we recognize that dental anxiety is often triggered by the sound of drilling, we value the improved experience silent therapy can provide

Postoperative sensitivity is greatly reduced following laser therapy, which makes recovery that much faster. Unlike traditional therapy methods, laser therapy allows the mouth to begin healing immediately after the procedure has been completed. 

The comfort provided by laser therapy is improved from beginning to end. The duration of the procedure is far more comfortable, as is the prep work and recovery period. Laser therapy truly has no equal when it comes to comfort and ease. 

Reduced Risk of Infection

Laser therapy uses a high-energy beam. The beam actually acts as a sterilizer on the area being treated. Sterilizing during treatment reduces the risk of sustaining a bacterial infection or experiencing gum disease relapse. 

Infection is a significant concern for oral health overall. Oral hygiene practices are encouraged by dentists largely to reduce the risk of bacterial infection or limit bacterial growth. Laser therapy accomplishes this in tandem with gum disease treatment. 

Limited or Eliminated Anesthesia

Laser dentistry is practically painless, which means you no longer have to experience uncomfortable injections! The gentle nature of the therapy means that your gums do not need to be numb prior to treatment. Our office may use a light anesthetic spray to eliminate discomfort, but injections are not necessary. 

Removing needles can help reduce fears associated with going to the dentist. Removing needles can also eliminate the cost associated with injected anesthesia. Laser therapy is effective in treating gum disease and effective in lightening the burden on your wallet.


Our office can perform many procedures using laser technology. Potential procedures include frenectomies, osseous surgery, and gum grafts. We are also able to use laser therapy as an effective way to regenerate healthy gums and eliminate diseased areas. 

Laser therapy may help healthy gums reattach to teeth where disease has damaged gum tissue. With laser therapy, the likelihood of gum disease returning is diminished. With consistent brushing and flossing, patients may see a dramatic reduction in gum disease symptoms

Treating Gum Disease

Treating gum disease can seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be! Our laser technology provides truly painless and powerful gum disease treatment. Contact our office today to learn more! 

























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