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Dental sealants are simple procedures usually conducted in childhood. This service is highly effective in preventing tooth decay on the chewing surfaces of teeth. Our dental sealant in Arnold, MO is a tooth-colored acrylic coating painted on the surfaces of the molar.  

The term “sealant” is apt. This procedure serves to protect teeth by acting as a barrier. By sealing the deep grooves in teeth, enamel is protected against plaque and acids. 

Decay can occur in all teeth but is most common in molars. For this reason, sealant is typically applied to molars alone. Applied properly, sealant can prevent the need for fillings

Sealant protects the depressions and grooves of teeth from food particles and plaque that brushing and flossing alone cannot reach. Using a sealant to prevent dental decay may be especially important in young childhood, when children do not effectively manage their oral health

The procedure is an easy one. Sealant takes only a few minutes to apply to each tooth being treated. The coating holds up well against typical chewing patterns and can last several years before a reapplication is needed.

Sealants are usually provided in childhood, but children are not the only ones who benefit from sealants. Adults can also benefit from having their teeth sealed. Applied in childhood and in adulthood, sealants are effective tools in the prevention of tooth decay.

Arnold, MO dental sealant
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