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Each and every one of your teeth has an important role to play while you speak, chew, and maintain tooth alignment. Tooth loss is often associated with age, but this need not be the case; teeth can be lost as a result of dental trauma, extraction, disease, and more. 

If you find yourself without a tooth or teeth, dental bridges can provide a functional and aesthetic solution. Dental bridges can help you maintain the overall function of your teeth, which can more effectively support oral health.

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Bridges are devices used to replace missing teeth. They differ from dental implants and dentures in the way they are constructed and the way they attach to teeth and gums. Bridges attach to adjacent natural teeth (called abutment teeth) and come in two forms: fixed or permanent bridges and removable bridges. Meramec Family Dentistry offers fixed or permanent dental bridges in Arnold, MO

Fixed bridges may be applied in two ways. Fixed bridges may be installed by placing crowns on the abutment teeth or bonding artificial teeth directly to the abutment teeth. Removable bridges attach to the teeth with metal clasps or precision attachments, instead.  

If you are missing one or more teeth, you are likely keenly aware of how important teeth are to your appearance and overall oral health. Each of your teeth works as a unit to eat and speak. When teeth are missing, it is difficult to carry out standard daily functions. 

Missing teeth can and should be replaced. 

Fixed bridges are a wonderful way to repair tooth loss to restore dental function and appearance.

What exactly is a bridge or fixed partial denture?

A bridge, or a fixed partial denture, is a device used to fill a gap where a tooth is absent. Bonding adheres fixed partial dentures into place and can only be reversed by a dental professional

Removable bridges, conversely, may be removed and cleaned. Fixed bridges are often preferred for their stability over their removable counterparts.

Why do i need a bridge?

Bridges are necessary to improve oral functionality and appearance. Bridges can help support lips and cheeks to maintain the appearance of your facial structure. Although appearance can be important, dental health is actually the prevailing reason to install a bridge

Teeth complement each other. Unhealthy stress is placed on the gums and oral tissues when teeth are absent, which can cause a number of harmful disorders, including gum disease

Missing teeth have also been linked to speech disorders, as tooth loss can interfere with making standard shapes and movements of the mouth to create common sounds.

HOw is a bridge attached?

The procedure used to attach bridges typically requires two to three appointments. The first appointment will involve Dr. Mandefro preparing the abutment teeth by removing some of the enamel and dentin. 

Bridges have to be carefully constructed to make sure they match your bite and overall jaw structure. Impressions are used to fabricate the final bridge. 

Fixed bridges are cemented to the surrounding natural teeth through the use of a pontic (false tooth) and crowns.

What materials are used?

There are many different materials used to create bridges. Gold alloys, non-precious alloys, and porcelain are common materials. Bridges may use components of each of these. Porcelain is usually bonded to a precious or non-precious metal during the fabrication process.

What exactly is a bridge or fixed partial denture?

A strict brushing and flossing regimen is necessary to keep a bridge and abutment teeth in good working order. Adequate oral hygiene techniques are critical to make sure that the neighboring teeth are able to adequately support the bridge.

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