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Few of us have ideal teeth, completely free of decay and fillings. Fillings do just that: fill a cavity in your tooth, left behind from the excavation of tooth decay. Previously, fillings were made of metal and were prone to weakening teeth or causing additional decay

There are many different materials used for fillings, but ceramic lasts the longest and is the most durable material currently available. CEREC technology is used to create fillings using a ceramic material, to improve the efficacy of the filling and reduce the likelihood of failure. 

CEREC has been used by dentists worldwide since 1987. This technology can be used to replace fillings; restore decayed, weaken, and broken teeth; and improve teeth overall. What’s more, CEREC technology uses all-ceramic materials that mimic the natural color of teeth in a single appointment.

Exam and preparation

To get started, our dentist examines your teeth and determines the best treatment plan. Treatment plans may be simple fillings, full CEREC crowns, or more, depending on what is needed. 

An anesthetic will be administered to prepare the restoration process. Anesthetic preparations mimic standard preparation techniques.

Optical impression

Your dentist will take an optical impression of the tooth in question. Instead of the standard impression tray, teeth are coated with a non-toxic and tasteless powder. A camera then takes a digital image of your tooth, completing the process in as little as two minutes.


The CEREC machine is used to create the necessary restoration for your teeth in a single office visit. 3D software uses the digital image to construct a virtual model, which is then used to design the necessary restoration. 

In a matter of minutes, the design is sent to a milling machine that contains a ceramic block matching your tooth shade. In 10-20 minutes, your ceramic restoration is complete and ready for bonding. The restoration will be placed in your mouth to make sure the fit and bite are correct, before being bonded. 

This process is completed without a separate dental lab. A return trip is unnecessary. Using CEREC technology, cosmetic dentistry is no longer an extensive waiting game.


  • Chairside: CEREC technology remains in the dental operatory. It is used while patients are in the dental chair.
  • Economical: Due to the same-day completion schedule, CEREC technology is economical for dentists and patients, alike. 
  • Restorations: Natural beauty, function, and strength are restored to patients’ teeth. 
  • Esthetic: CEREC restorations are metal-free and match the natural color of teeth. 
  • Ceramic: Ceramics provide high-strength restorations that closely mimic natural tooth structure and composition. 

CEREC technology allows our dentist to treat tooth decay, place crowns, remove damaged fillings, and place veneers in a single appointment. Our dental office in Arnold, MO offers the highest-quality restorations available today.

Cerec acquisition unit

CEREC Acquisition Units are mobile. They house medical-grade computers and cameras, which are used to take digital pictures and create impressions. Digital images are converted into 3D virtual models of the tooth. Restoration designs are completed on the screen while you wait, allowing you to watch the process and ask any questions you might need to ask. 

CEREC software assists our dentist in designing all in-house restoration procedures. The design process typically requires 5 minutes, at which point our dentist clicks a button and the construction process begins.

Cerec milling unit

Our dental team places a ceramic block into the milling unit after matching its color to the tooth being restored. The data gathered previously is then used to carve the block into the restoration design, from porcelain crowns to inlays and onlays. This process usually takes from 8 to 18 minutes

Following construction, the restoration is bonded into place. CEREC® is a registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems, and our office is proud to carry this technology.

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