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Dr. Mandefro and his staff utilize the latest in dental technology to enhance the quality and fit of your dental care. Our dental practice uses powerful microscopes to improve patient care.

Dentistry is akin to micro surgery. By using a microscope similar to an ophthalmologist’s, our dentist can design and deliver modern dental restorations with a precise fit and incredible finish. The naked eye is not capable of providing the same level of care. 

Although the precise nature of precision dentistry is important, it is not the only benefit. The microscope we use also directs a beam of light directly onto the teeth during procedures. This minimizes glare for patients and limits discomfort. 

advanced dental technology in Arnold, MO

While many practices utilize air-driven drills (called “hand pieces by dentists), Meramec Family Dentistry does not. Our advanced dental technology in Arnold, MO avoids the inconsistency of these drills. They do not rotate perfectly smoothly, which can impair effective drilling.

To combat issues with air drills, we prefer electric handpieces for all precision work. This allows us to deliver modern solutions for dental needs including crowns, veneers, and fillings. Electric drills are also more comfortable, as they emit far less vibration and noise.


We take all imaging seriously. Dr. Mandefro takes the time to determine which radiographs are necessary and when they must be taken. Radiographs provide a way for us to see everything going on, including issues that are not visible to the naked eye. 

Using radiographs, our team can identify cavities, and assess bone health, including bone density. Radiographs may also be used to examine roots and nerves and search for the presence of lesions, cysts, and tumors. Radiographs may even be used to assess dental trauma. They are an invaluable tool in our office’s dental exams and play a significant role in creating treatment plans. 

Dental radiographs are used to diagnose, treat, and maintain the dental health of our patients. We understand concerns patients might have about overuse of radiographs and make all exposure time as minimal as possible. 

Dr. Mandefro uses digital imaging technology wherever possible. Doing so reduces exposure time by around 50% and helps retrieve vital diagnostic data. We may even be able to recognize cavities more easily! 

Digital imaging also allows us to store patient images digitally, which makes transferring necessary information to specialists and insurance companies a breeze.

Digital x-rays

Because we are able to view images on a computer monitor, digital x-rays are often more precise. They also expose our patients to as little as 1/16th of the radiation emitted during standard x-rays.

Laser dentistry

Our practice utilizes laser dentistry. This makes us an excellent option for anyone seeking a dental practice that does not rely heavily on needles, drilling, and numbness. 

The use of lasers is one of the most recent improvements made to dental treatments. Lasers deliver energy via light, and can be used to target enamel, decay, and even gum tissue for periodontal treatment. The same laser can be used to treat tooth and soft tissue concerns, often without the use of local anaesthesia.  

Laser dentistry does not emit heat or vibration, which makes most dental procedures more comfortable for our patients. It can also speed up the healing process of soft tissue procedures while eliminating the need for sutures. 

Laser technology can also be used as a cavity diagnosing tool. Lasers have the ability to find tooth decay in its early stages, which allows the decay to be reversed via proper dental hygiene practices and fluoride instead of drilling and filling.

Areas of dental care that benefit from laser technology

  • Cavity diagnosis and removal
  • Curing or hardening bonding materials
  • Periodontal (gum-related) care
  • Pediatric procedures
  • Aphthous Ulcer (canker sore) treatment 
  • Frenectomy (tongue-tie release) without anaesthesia or sutures
  • Root canals and apicoectomies
  • Crown lengthening, gingivectomy and other gum corrections

Dental lasers have been shown to be safe and effective for treating both children and adults.


Many of our patients are familiar with the latest technology and are extremely comfortable with the high tech advancements we use in our office. Especially among our younger patients, computers and TV screens have become our primary method of processing information–even when oral health is involved. 

Our dentist works with an intraoral camera to help you understand your diagnosis and treatment plan. Intraoral cameras are small cameras that may be inserted into the mouth to provide a clear and precise image of your mouth, teeth, and gums. These cameras allow us to take clear and defined images, which may then be enlarged. 

Intraoral cameras can be used to clearly explain treatment plans and issues to our patients and to make accurate diagnoses. Intraoral cameras can help us make diagnoses faster, which translates to less time in the dental chair for you

This technology also provides a way for our practice to save images of your oral health and needs to create a permanent record of treatment plans and regimens. We can print these images for you, any specialists you may need, and labs and insurance companies

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